NDNU Courses

Intro. to Human Services

“Examines the human service industry: its evolution, role in contemporary society, anticipated future in relation to the changing society, and the restructuring of community and work organizations. Discussions of theory and practice of professional management strategies and clientele characteristics and reactions as well as future directions for human service program planning and design are presented by area speakers and analyzed by students in written and group presentation format” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


My very first class at NDNU. This class opened a journey of new challenges and experiences. Thanks to Proffessor Barsi, for making my experience here at NDNU a unforgettable memory. I loved this class. The guest speakers we had were very inspirational and motivational. From them, I learned the importance of the non-profit world and how rewarding is to serve in one.

Communication Skills

“This highly participative course focuses on analyzing and applying techniques of effective communication in organizational and interpersonal situations. Includes the use of personal assessment instruments that reflect students’ preferred communication styles. All class participants make formal and informal presentations and practice utilizing fundamentals in active listening, self-esteem building, and conflict negotiations” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


Wow wow wow…  This class was the hardest of all. At least, to me it was. I have been always afraid to speak in public, but this class totally opened the doors to  new perspectives. I learned that communication skills is more about than just public speaking. Now I understand that there is different communication styles, and it is just about finding the right style what makes the difference.  Overall, I learned that in order to succeed in many aspects in my personal and professional life is important to communicate effectively.

Professional Writing

“Students develop analytical skills and practice in writing and editing various documents common in contemporary organizations: letters, e-mails, reports, business plans, presentations, and websites. Social media applications and e-portfolios are explored. While attention is given to diction and syntax, students are expected to have mastered basic writing skills. Fulfills General Education Upper-Division Writing Requirement” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


I loved the way this class was structured. I was amazed of the amount of writing I did in this class. By organizing my time and setting priorities, I was able to succeed in this class. Professor Larragoiti, was very helpful, patient and resourceful.

Human Services Financial Management

“Introduces financial management for nonprofit organizations, focusing on the key principles and terminology needed by managers. Emphasizes financial accounting, budgeting, financial reports, and reporting cycles. Coursework includes case studies and a final project analyzing the fiscal status of a nonprofit agency or organization” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


I thought that organizing a budget required months of continuous hard work, but the way this class was structured surprised me! It was not as hard as I thought. Thanks to this class is that now I more aware on my own finances. Although, I am not a business person, this class gave me the tools I need to understand the importance of budgets, financial reports and cycles.

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility

“Students learn the relationship between law and morality, develop individual core values, and study various business decision-making models. This course examines major ethical theories and explores the application of those theories to current organizational, economic and social issues. Case studies and critical thinking are used to enable the student to apply concepts learned to moral issues raised by contemporary professional practices” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


This class was also very challenging. Although, it was difficult to understand all the material, I am very thankful for professor Rende, who was always available for extended explanations and details. Thanks to this class is now I am able to understand ethics and my responsibilities in society.

Social Research Methods

“Introduces the major techniques of social research to demystify the research process and increase competence in student’s ability to investigate ideas, concepts, and statistical data or literature. Proficiency is measured by performance in individual and collaborative group projects, individual written assignments, and a final research presentation” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


Although, this class was very hard and time consuming, I enjoyed every minute of it.  I learned to organized a full well written research paper. As I did my research, I learned thinks about myself that did not know before. It was very rewarding and enjoyable to write this research.

Senior Seminar

“Prerequisites: Completion of core requirements and senior class standing. This capstone course utilizes all key Human Services theories, concepts, and methods acquired through the coursework. Successful demonstrations of competencies are exhibited in case studies, analysis, group discussion, individual presentations, and community project work” (NDNU-Portal, 2015)


So far enjoying my project!!!….  In progress  🙂

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